Extended Hiatus

The project has been in extended hiatus due to various reasons.

The intention of the project was to provide an easy to use script to pull useful tools into a directory – there’s plenty of those in existence – how do I make this one stand out?

In previous releases, everything was batch-scripted, which is still used to this day in many useful tools. PowerShell is gaining traction, especially since it’s gone multi-platform. Pulling useful tools into a directory structure that makes sense, and keeping them up-to-date was the main goal of the project — and still is.

Where to go from here? There’s proof of concept code I wrote nearly a year ago. PowerShell is ideal, since it now runs on practically anything with an oscillator – Linux, Windows, X86, AMD64, ARM64. Making it possible for all techs to get their tools synced to a USB stick with a single script, without having to modify configuration options is key.

Going forward, BootZilla will exist as a multi-platform-compatible script, relying on native technology (no external libraries, aside from p7zip or 7zip), deployable on a server for maximum functionality.

13 years have transpired since the creation of BootZilla as a public release. In that time, I’ve worked 14 years in the tech industry, and a handful of months as a podcaster. I always wanted to make money off this project, but never did. If I can implement the script the way I wanted to many years ago, I may implement a WindowsPE variant with some of the unique tools that require a clean environment – and market it.

But that’s all in the future. As for the present, BootZilla exists only in name. All code is to be re-written, all tools, re-selected, and ultimately, a new, fresh start for the toolkit!