BootZilla: Alive Again

It’s been a few years since BootZilla has seen the light of day. I’m no longer in the computer repair business, or the sysadmin world. Despite that, I feel like BootZilla deserves one last release, for the sysadmins out there.

The life of batch scripting has not ended. Several scripters still utilize batch scripting to get useful stuff done, even while PowerShell continues to be enhanced and developed by Microsoft. Such tools, like MSMG Toolkit, for instance, which is a tool to update and modify Windows 10 installation media – these tools are integral to a sysadmin’s job. They are the bread and butter to get a Windows 10 install setup just the way you want it – And they’re all based around simple batch scripting.

BootZilla began its life as a set of batch scripts that would go and update a few apps in a folder. This progressed into offering a build-script system that would not only update apps in a folder, but also grab new versions of applications, unpack them, and even create a bootable ISO image.

The goal of the BootZilla project was to build a set of useful tools, provide update scripts to keep the tools up-to-date, and be available all the time.

Since going dark in 2016, due to time-constraints and loss of interest in the project, development of the highly-anticipated powershell-based version has been dropped. I deleted all the work I did on it. It wasn’t up to snuff, and would not get off the ground. I don’t intend on repeating that on this last release.

The final release of BootZilla is not the end — it’s simply a new beginning. I’ll be re-writing the entirety of the project, completely from scratch. There’s better downloader tools available now, which will help in grabbing tools from complicated ‘php-session’-based download links. There’s far more resources for batch scripting — even though it was said that batch was done for.

BootZilla will utilize Batch Scripts once more!

Aria2 will be our downloader app. It’s got a whole lot of features that I think will make BootZilla actually manageable. Update functionality is a must-have feature. USB image creation is a must-have feature, as ISOs are not really all that useful these days. Copying and updating a USB drive with the data is a must-have feature. Network drive functionality is not going to be supported, as there are far too many problems that occur when running apps via a network drive that are outside the scope of the project.

This post signifies the focus of this new project.

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